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Center for Academic Student Achievement CASA

Academic Services at Bethel University

Peer to Peer Tutoring

Tutor Request Form

Our goal is to help students succeed in the classroom. Professors/Instructors are the primary source for students, but we are here to assist Bethel students in academic success. In order to ensure that you receive a peer tutoring session, you must fill out a tutor request form. Tutoring appointments are filled on a first come basis and depend on the schedule of the qualified tutor. Once a tutor request is filled, you will receive 2 emails. The first email will be from CASA stating the day and time of your appointment. The second email will be an invitation request to add your appointment to your calendar. 

Peer tutors are available upon request. Amber Watson will fill your request, and she will alert you via email when you have been scheduled a tutor. You will also be sent an invitation to add this appointment to your Gmail calendar. You may click on the Tutor Request Form in order to fill out a tutoring request.

Available Tutor Times







View of the Tutoring Center

View of the Tutoring Center.

Drop-In Tutoring

We have 2 labs that you can utilize without having to make an appointment to see a tutor. These labs are designed for students to drop in the Tutoring Center, and ask questions.


  • Get help with Elementary Algebra, Basic College Algebra, and College Algebra.
  • Get help with Statistics.


  • Get help with basic biology questions.
  • Get help with basic lab questions.


Please see the Writing Center

Student Resources

The following links will provide information and resources for students to utilize to improve their academic skills.

* Presentation Tips-

This link guides students in giving presentations to their classmates and professors.

* Weekly Project To-Do List-

This guide is a printable guide for students to utilize to prioritize their weekly projects and assignments.

* Daily Schedule Calculator-

This link allows a student to calculate how they spend their time to see what time is available for studying.

* Time Management Tips-

This list will help you manage your time more wisely.

* Study Skills-

This website by Thomas Frank gives tips and strategies to improve study skills.

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