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As adults, our brains are full of super important information like our children’s birthdays or the details about our first car!  As life unfolds, we lose sight of academic writing techniques, and we start to write like we speak.  If this sounds like you, use the resources below to reacquaint yourself with academic writing. 

APA can be tricky if you haven't cited your work in awhile!  Easy-to-understand instructions on how to format your work according to APA guidelines and apply effective paraphrasing techniques may be found here. 

As adults, we have the idea that our life has to be perfect. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that can hinder students from achieving their dreams.  Use this unique collection of resources below to navigate the storms of life and get back on track!

In Bethel’s accelerated programs, students must be able to utilize technology.  If you are not a natural “computer buff”, this aspect of your learning may be discouraging.  However, with the right resources, you can learn to use applications that can help boost your academic scores tremendously!

Microsoft Resources

Many classes require the usage of Microsoft Office suite.  Students can use their Bethel University student email account to download a free version of Microsoft 365 which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams and many other tools. These programs should be installed on a desktop or laptop computer (installing on a Chromebook will not work). 

Business Statistics will require the usage of Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheet programs such as Google Sheets, OpenOffice, Numbers, or others will not work.  You will need to download the free version (at the link above) if your computer does not have this software.  

Google Resources

For those of you with Chromebooks or who want to do homework across multiple devices, check out the Google Office Suite. You can use Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and more. This is free to anyone with a email address. Keep in mind however that Google Sheets is not a substitute for those in Business Statistics!

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