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Internal training resources for Bethel University


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Crystal Simon
Nashville Campus
818 18th Ave. South
Floor 10
Nashville, TN 37203


Announcements & Reminders


Let's welcome the newest member(s) to the Bethel University family:

  • Stephen White III (Admissions Prospect Coord.)
  • Mary Kate Allen (CPS Recruiter)
  • Tyler  Haley (Armed Security Officer)
  • Daniel Hayes (Armed Security Officer)
  • Aubrey Rodgers (CAS Field Recruiter)
  • Kelly Rawls (Assistant Professor PA)
  • Kevin Hill (Maintenance)
  • Kristina Edgin  (CPS Executive Assistant)
  • Enrique Sanchez (Housekeeping)

Bethel would like to send well wishes to the following people as they leave us and pursue new beginnings:

  • James Stewart ( Dean of Student Development)
  • Patrick Adams ( CPS Recruiter)
  • Jessica Edwards (CPS Distance Ed Librarian)
  • DJ Watson ( CAS/CHS Recruiter)
  • Sean Hines (Web/Social Media Special)
  • Katherine Cummings (Assistant Prof. PA)
  • Marion Graham ( Professor of Speech/Theatre)
  • Venissa Scott ( BU Collections Coordinator)
  • Christina Sumner ( Director of University Collections)
  • Lisa Vaughn ( CPS Director of Academic Affairs)
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