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Internal training resources for Bethel University

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Crystal Simon's picture
Crystal Simon
Nashville Campus
818 18th Ave. South
Floor 10
Nashville, TN 37203


Announcements & Reminders

Let's welcome the newest member(s) to the Bethel University family:

  • Robert Youngson, Jr. (Security)
  • Marco Ramirez (Billing Coordinator)
  • Rick Baker (Chief Enrollment Officer for CJ & ESM)
  • Whitney Bennett (CPS Admissions Counselor)
  • Allen Walls (Armed Security Officer)
  • Daniel Bernier (CAS Recruiter)
  • Sylvia Hamlin (Night/Weekend Library Manager)
  • Jackson Ruddell (Armed Security Officer)
  • Juan Gonzalez (CJ/ESM Recruiter)
  • Scott Helton (CJ/ESM Recruiter)
  • Stephanie Johnson (CPS Business Recruiter)
  • Jordan May (Renaissance Technical Assistant)
  • Terry Smith (CJ Recruiter)
  • Patricia Werstein (CPS Registration Coordinator)

Updated 4.26.21

Bethel would like to send well wishes to the following people as they leave us and pursue new beginnings:

  • Tracie Johnson (CPS Transcript Evaluator)
  • Mack Chambers (Armed Security Officer)\
  • Ashley Horn (CPS Director of Strategic Communications)
  • Michael Stanton ( Armed Security Officer)
  • Robert Youngson, Jr. (Security)
  • Shelby Hennis-Jackson (Renaissance Technical Assistant)
  • Kathy Whitman (Armed Security Guard)
  • Joshua Middleton (Resident Director)
  • Daniel Hayes (Armed Security Officer)
  • Shelby Hennis (Renaissance Technical Assistant)


Updated 4.26.21

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